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Top safety tips for driving close to semi-trucks

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Even seasoned drivers who operate motor vehicles daily and have since they were teenagers may feel a bit intimidated when they look up to see a commercial truck in their immediate proximity in traffic. Semi-trucks or 18-wheelers are so big and heavy that they cause many of the worst collisions each year.

Crashes involving semi-trucks may result in catastrophic injuries or cost people their lives. Although many of these collisions occur because commercial drivers do things that are unsafe, sometimes those in passenger vehicles contribute to their own risk by making unsafe choices at the wheel. Thankfully, those who want to minimize their risk of being involved a crash with a semi-truck can follow the tips below. When it comes to accident prevention, a combination of knowledge and a commitment to defensive driving is power.

Stay out of the truck’s blind spots

A big commercial truck has very large blind spots that limit what the commercial driver does for the protection of others. They won’t be able to adjust their decisions to account for motorists who are in their blind spots because they aren’t aware of their presence.

Drivers typically want to avoid being directly to the left or right of a large commercial truck’s trailer. One lane to the left of the trailer and two lanes to the right of the trailer of a semi-truck will be blind spots where the driver may not be able to see a vehicle. Additionally, directly behind the trailer is a blind spot that affects both the commercial driver and the person in the smaller vehicle. The semi-truck’s driver won’t be able to see a vehicle directly behind a trailer, and the person in the smaller vehicle may not be able to see oncoming traffic if they decide to try to pass the semi-truck.

Give them more space at intersections

Another time when the large size of a commercial truck works against public safety is when the truck driver must complete a turn. They may have to cross multiple lanes of traffic, particularly at small or crowded intersections. Leaving more space is essential for someone’s safety if they approach an intersection where a commercial truck is about to complete a turn. People may want to increase the following distance that they maintain behind commercial trucks in traffic and to give them more space in general whenever encountering them on the road.

Following thoughtful safety tips will put someone in a better position to avoid being involved in a crash caused by a semi-truck. Should one occur, this proactive approach should also help victims to secure rightful compensation from at-fault parties.