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How a rideshare driver’s insurance can impact a crash claim

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Car Accidents

People hire rideshare drivers in part because they expect professionals to be safer on the road. They also want the convenience of on-demand transportation without worrying about parking a vehicle or monitoring their own sobriety. Using a Rideshare app usually provides safe transportation for individuals visiting an area and those who are aware that they should not drive due to fatigue or impairment. Unfortunately, rideshare drivers can make mistakes at the wheel just like anyone else might.

When a rideshare driver causes a crash, the passengers in their vehicle may have a lot of questions about their rights. Many people know that rideshare companies have corporate policies that may protect those involved in collisions. What fewer people realize is that sometimes the insurance of the individual driver is what applies after a collision.

Timing is everything for rideshare liability

When a crash occurs and what party is technically at fault for the collision are both factors that can have a major influence on any claims for compensation over property damage or injury expenses after the wreck. The party at fault for the crash has a major influence on what kind of insurance applies.

If the other driver causes a crash with the rideshare vehicle, then that person’s policy is what matters the most. When the rideshare driver breaks the law or makes a mistake, then either the corporate policy for the company or their personal rideshare coverage compensates their passenger.

The timing of the collision is what likely determines which policy applies. If the crash occurs during a ride, possibly halfway to someone’s destination, then the company policy protects the rideshare passenger. If the crash occurs before or after the driver starts tracking the trip on the app, then their personal rideshare policy applies.

Those who use their personal vehicles for commercial purposes typically need to invest in special supplemental insurance coverage to protect against losses suffered while on the job. Without rideshare coverage, standard liability insurance may not properly compensate those involved in a crash caused by a rideshare driver.

If the driver does not carry the right insurance, then the passenger may need to look into litigation as a means of recouping their losses. As a result, reviewing the details of a recent rideshare collision with a legal professional can help a passenger determine what insurance coverage they may have access to after a wreck.